• Children of the Sun
        • Children of the Sun

          • Country:
          • Macedonia, 2014
          • Group:
          • Forum
          • Duration:
          • 90'
          • Director:
          • Antonio Mitrikeski
          • Screenplay:
          • Gordan Mihić
          • Cast:
          • Ivana Pavlaković, Vlado Jovanovski, Meto Jovanovski
          • Festivals:
          • Cinematography:
          • Aroslav Soda
          • Editing:
          • Andrija Zafranović
          • Music:
          • Vlatko Stefanovski, Darko Spasovski, Ognjen Anastasovski
          • Producer:
          • Goce Kralevski, Dejan  Miloshevski
          • Production:
          • Horizont Film, Living Pictures, Revolution
          • Prints source:
          • MCF MegaCom Film
        • Showing

          04. Mar | 17:30 | 200 RSD
          Dom Sindikata

          05. Mar | 14:30 | 250 RSD
          Dvorana Kulturnog centra

        • SYNOPSIS

          A tale of family and loyalty, love and loss, betrayal and redemption. As the Mob destroys the life of a big family and leaves them on the brink of survival, a powerful, yet secret love, burns between Marko (a gangster) and Angela - two high school sweethearts. Good fortune smiles on the family (a bohemian collective of lovable eccentrics) as they find a long-lost treasure, but Angela betrays them in the name of

          love by stealing it in order to save Marko's life from the Mob. In the end, everyone reaps what they sow,

          and their love ends inauspiciously.

          Antonio Mitrikeski

          Born in Skopje, graduated from the State School of Theatre, Film and Television in Lodz, Poland in 1987, at the department of film directing. He received special diplomas for the movies Day and Duel, as well as the award of the town of Lodz. In 2003, he filmed the movie Like a Bad Dream in Macedonian-Croatian-English co-production. The premiere of this film was in Montreal, on the 27th Montreal Film Festival. It was presented in an official competition on the festival and it was granted an acknowledgement.

          2014 Deca na Sonceto / Children of the Sun
          2003 Kako loš son / As a Bad Dream
          1997 Preku ezeroto / Across the Lake

          2014 London, Beloit, Residence IFF