• Little Buddho
        • Little Buddho

          • Country:
          • Serbia, 2014
          • Group:
          • Serbian film
          • Duration:
          • 96’
          • Director:
          • Danilo Bećković
          • Screenplay:
          • Dimitrije Vojnov, Danilo Bećković,
          • Cast:
          • Petar Strugar, Sergej Trifunović, Petar Božović, Tihomir Stanić, Hristina Popović, Aleksandra Janković, Slobodan Ćustić, Andrija Milošević, Milorad Kapor, Stefan Bundalo, Uroš Jovčić, Slaviša Čurović, Tanasije Uzunović, Jelena Rakočević, Marko Kon, Toma
          • Festivals:
          • Cinematography:
          • Bojana Andrić
          • Editing:
          • Aleksandar Popović
          • Sound:
          • Aleksandar Protić, Nikola Živković
          • Producer:
          • Marko Paljić
          • Production:
          • Mali Budo
          • Prints source:
          • Taramount film
        • Showing

          02. Mar | 12:00 | 250 RSD
          Dvorana Kulturnog centra

        • SYNOPSIS

          Little Buddho is a dark comedy set in Belgrade. When a Montenegrin teenagers is sent to Serbia in order to evade blood-feud caused by his father’s reckless behavious, little does he know that even greater dangers awat for him. In Belgrade hi will face both the avengers who went after him and this metropolis’ very own night-life and foxy ladies. And in cities like Belgrade – women and night-life can be dedlier than a bullet.

          Danilo Bećković


          Danilo Bećković was born in Podgorica in 1981. He has a degree in Film and TV Directing as well as in General Literature and Literary Theory from the University of Belgrade. He directed short fiction films: Wolf (2004), Age of Innocence (2007) and MontePuttana (2008) as well as a short documentary, Slam. His documentary, Crnjanski, about the life of a famous Serb writer, is currently in post-production. Mali Budo (Little Budo) is his first feature film.



          2014       Mali Budo / Little Buddho



          2014       Kustendorf


          Danilo Bećković's first feature-film directorial effort is intended for masses and aspires to high ratings; populist approach is evident. At the same time, it is an achievement that exudes film literacy and competence of production. Good combination, isn't it?

          Đorđe Bajić, City magazine