• Deo Te-neo Ri-ri-ko Seu-pin-to / The Tenor Lirico Spinto
        • Deo Te-neo Ri-ri-ko Seu-pin-to / The Tenor Lirico Spinto

          • Country:
          • J. Koreja, Japan 2014
          • Group:
          • Forum
          • Duration:
          • 121’
          • Director:
          • Kim Sangman
          • Screenplay:
          • Kim Sangman
          • Cast:
          • Ji-tae Džu, Je-rjun Ča, Jusuke Isej, Dragan Mićanović, Nataša Tapušković, Marko Stojanović
          • Festivals:
          • Cinematography:
          •  Sung Lim Džu
          • Editing:
          • Min Kjung Šin
          • Sound:
          • Tae Von Kung
          • Music:
          • Džun Seong Kim
          • Producer:
          • T. J. Čung, Dženi Džunga Kim, Marko Jocić, Sung Bum Hong, Vajima Totaro 
          • Production:
          •  More In Group
        • Showing

          04. Mar | 20:00 | 300 RSD
          Dom Sindikata

          05. Mar | 12:00 | 250 RSD
          Dvorana Kulturnog centra

        • SYNOPSIS

          The Tenor-Lirico Spinto is a film based on a true story of the life of internationally-acclaimed South Korean tenor, Bae Jae-Chul. The talented vocalist performs in numerous European operas and is on the rise to stardom, penetrating the audience’s hearts through his delicate and powerful singing. Koji Sawada, a Japanese music producer, is searching for a European tenor for an upcoming performance. Upon his search, he watches a performance by Bae Jae-Chul and is amazed by his voice and the fact an Asian can sing better than most Europeans. Sawada invites Jae-Chul to Japan which marks the beginning of a strong partnership and great friendship.

          After a successful season of performances, Jae-Chul ends up losing his voice at the peak of his career due to the tragedy of thyroid cancer. During an operation procedure, the doctor realizes that Jae Chul’s vocal cord needs to be cut due to the widely spread cancer. As the doctor informs Yoonee, Jae-Chul’s wife, of the situation, she is faced with the decision between choosing his life or his career. Jae-Chul who was once so passionate and ambitious is left in a state of hopelessness, realizing his dreams are worthless without the beauty of his voice. Sawada can’t stand to watch Jae-Chul fall apart in misery and won’t give up on finding a solution to improve his vocal abilities. After a group effort between family and friends, Sawada is able to find a veteran doctor to perform a specific surgery for vocal cord restoration that could possibly cure Jae-Chul’s voice. Jae-Chul takes the risk and undergoes the operation that saves his life as he regains hope to continue his love for music. Although he is not fully recovered to be the singer he was once before, his efforts of endless rehabilitation leads to the overcoming of the tragic event and an inspiration to the world as he stands up on the stage again as ‘The Tenor’ to perform for the massive audiences.