• Nesrin Kavdzade – The Lamb (Kuzu)

      FEST 2015 / News / Nesrin Kavdzade – The Lamb (Kuzu)
      04. March 2015.
      Nesrin Kavdzade (about who is really the lamb in the film)

      Everybody asks us that on festivals. I believe that the lamb is embodied by the male characters in the film. As opposed to most Turkish films, in this film the story is centered on a woman, who in this case has the fate of the family in her hands. This was a challenge for me and that is why I accepted the role. All in all, women rule in this film.

      About the children in the film: The children are not professional actors and they helped me very much on the set, especially with the Eastern Anatolian accent that has given me much trouble. It took seven months for the director to find them and he did, in the vicinity of the location of the shoot. They are both very authentic.

      About the message of the film: I think that the role of my character is to deliver a message to the Turkish society, dominated by men. Their morality is hypocritical and she wanted to show them they were doing things the wrong way. I believe that woman have to deliver that message, to stand up for their rights and defend theiropinion.

      About the reception of the film on international festivals: I was confused by having so many people laughing. I knew the film had the potential for black humor, but I didn’t imagine people would laugh out loud, almost hysterically. Initially, I felt the film to be a very serious family story and ultimately it proved to be much funnier than I envisaged.