FEST 2015 / News / INTERVIEW - INFERNO
      04. March 2015.
      This is a story about a working family losing their jobs to globalization and privatization

      The film is also a story about capitalism and its victims?

      Eva Rohman: Many. This is a story about a working family losing their jobs to globalization and privatization. It's the reality of Europe and in the world. There are 120 thousand unemployed in Slovenia and up to 300 thousand living below the poverty line.

      Srđan Dragojević: Capitalism is a system based on injustice. Nobody asked us, or the Slovenians, if we wanted to switch from Socialism to Capitalism. This is a film about Slovenia, but people will recognize Serbia in it. In Serbia, we often perceive Slovenia as a society that is more advanced than ours, but we will see that it is in fact not.

      Medea Novak (about the main character, Sonja): I think Sonja did what she could, but she was seriously depressed, no parents, nobody to ask for help.

      Marko Mandic (about the role of Marko): He is a fighter and Don Quixote at the same time, he fights for his family, for his wife and two children, who are threatened to lose everything.

      Eva Rohman (about hope in the film): There is no hope, as illustrated by the title of the film - Inferno, akin to Dante's nine circles of hell. The main character is fighting for his children and falls from circle to circle. That's the hell of modern life, where losing one's dignity is the worst thing that may happen. In Dante's last circle you have the traitors and our main character is ultimately forced to betray his children in a way.