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      08. March 2015.
      Interview with the crew of the Russian film "The Battalion" and Serbian and Russian Culture Minister Tasovac and Medinski

      About Russian-Serbian exchange in the field of culture:

      Vladimir Medinski: It is symbolic to have the first Russian film dedicated to WW1 in Belgrade, where the first shots were heard, in a city where the war started. Our relations are very fruitful.

      Ivan Tasovac: This premiere is very symbolic. We have to build a relationship between the past and the present and I am proud of having opened a new page in cooperation with my colleague Medinski.

      (for Kozhevnikova): What is the character you are playing like? Is she cruel, while being sad and unhappy inside?

      Maria Kozhevnikova: A female character in war has a specific role. When a woman's got nothing to lose, only then she can go to war. That is why my character is very complex.

      (For Ugolnikov): What inspired you to do this project?

      "After finishing a film about WW2, we considered making one about WW1. While doing our research, we stumbled upon a story about a female battalion from 1917. Had the film been released last year, it would have been a true historical film, but it's still very topical in view of the political situation. It's a warning film, although the circumstances it depicts happened 100 years ago."

      Are you planning to make a television series?

      "Television material for the first 4 episodes is ready and it will be shown on the first channel of Russian television."

      (for Ajzikovitch): What was the reaction of the audience to the film?

      The audience reacts differently to the film before the premiere and during the premiere. The Russian public is very reserved in terms of emotions. That's the second film I have seen in my life where the audience remained in their seats until the end of the closing credits.