FEST 2015 / News / CREW OF "TENOR"
      05. March 2015.
      I personally prefer action, thriller and horror films to drama


      About the idea to make the film:

      Kim Junga (Producer): “Five years ago I heard about a documentary shown in Japan about our famous Korean tenor Bae Jec Hulu. Mr Bae graduated in Italy and worked in Berlin, after which he was operated from thyroid cancer. It seemed to be a good story for a film.”

      About the reaction of Bae Jec Hulu: “He was first surprised by the idea that his life could be a topic for a film. He thought it was too ordinary. When he was ill, he thought he was dead because he had lost his voice. I didn’t manage to show all his woes in the film.”

      About the greatest challenges in the film:

      Kim Sang Man: « I personally prefer action, thriller and horror films to drama. I wouldn’t want to make this film had the story ended in a complete happy ending. However, Bae didn’t recover all of his voice when he came back and I wanted to show human imperfection and the ability to keep going in spite of that.”

      About the location of the shoot: “The film was shot in Europe and Asia. In Europe, it was shown in Berlin. It was also screened in the States, China and Japan. The reaction was the same everywhere, at the end of the film everybody was crying. I think I have managed to reach out to the audience like I wanted to.”