FEST 2015 / News / PANOS KOUTRAS, XENIA
      05. March 2015.
      About the story in the film

      About the main characters being immigrants and one of them gay: < Greece is a closed and homophobic country. Danni is a double minority - he is Albanian and he is gay. However, he keeps fighting and he holds his own. That's his biggest virtue.

      About pop culture used to attract young people in the film: "Pop culture is very important and it connects people. Pati Pravo is very important in the film, because she was a role model for the mother of the two boys, that's who she aspired to become. Before the year 1991, Albania was a closed community and the only thing people could listen to was Italian pop music. Many generations, not only in Albania, were brought up with this music."

      About himself being an immigrant (educated in London and Paris): "One learns a great deal abroad. I wanted to travel and meet people, so I left Greece. It's a narrow minded community with some poor attitudes."

      About the ability of film to change the world: "I'm sorry, but it simply can't and neither can art. Films ask questions and make people think. The world is changed by movements and revolutions and not art. The latter may strengthen or even initiate rebellion. It helps people to better see things, but it is not a medium of change.